Cyber Security Association Newsletter – December 2022.

Happy Holidays and Christmas to you all.

This Newsletter was released on Day 300 of the so called 3 Day War.

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David Letterman and Zelensky

It was great to see David Letterman travel to Ukraine to interview Zelensky which took place in the underground of Kyiv.

This will be seen in the USA especially and for that we are very grateful to David.

and in Bakhmut with his warriors

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Zelensky and Bakhmut Heroes

Mykhailo is part of Ukraine’s Cyber Defence Team and was founder of the Presidential Advisory Team from 2014.

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Mykhailo’s 5 Lessons

The interview took place on December 6th and the recording is below.

Ukraine is on the front line of the Cyber War and as with many other things they can teach us many things from experience.

If you want a copy of the presentation please email me at [email protected] or message me on Linkedin or connect with Kateryna Demus of YouControl.


Marijn Markus

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AI Lead | Managing Data Scientist | Public Speaker


👉 If you’d like to deliver a hot meal to Ukraine for Christmas

🧸 If you’d like to deliver toys to Ukrainian kids for Christmas

🔥 If you’d like to deliver a hot Christmas to the invaders

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Listen to Peter Zeihan on Mriya Report.

5 Psychological Tactics used by Cyber Scammers – by Jessica Perron

In order to help in the fight against Cyber Scammers, Jessica recently started volunteering with several organizations that are working to combat online scammers exploiting Russia’s unjust war in Ukraine. Since February there has been a sharp increase in cybercriminals impersonating military personnel and charitable organizations.

In an article written by Wojcicki, N. M. (2019), it was explained how cyber scammers use social engineering to exploit human psychology to make it difficult for their victims to say no. Social engineering consists of psychological tactics which are used to manipulate victims of cyber scams.

Jessica shares five psychological tactics commonly used by cyber scammers.

General Ben Hodges ( a great friend of the Mriya Report twitter space ) lays out the 4 Strategic Mistakes that Putin made in his attack on Ukraine.

Drone fundraiser for Thermal Vision


✙ Constantine ✙


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Ukrainian Veteran; DevOps engineer; Served in Russko-Ukrainian War(2014-2015) Living in TX for the past four years. Fundraising for the 92nd brigade of the UAF

The target of the fundraiser is to provide the 92nd brigade of the Ukrainian Armed forces with thermal vision capabilities.

This will allow Ukrainians to protect, find and evacuate civilians, and enhance the security of Ukrainian Servicemembers.

Paypal Link for this Fundraiser


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Issac | Исcак


Former U.S. Marine officer now in Ukraine | For individual freedoms, national sovereignty & identity | Donate | DM to collaborate |


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UK Cyber Security

Happy Christmas and Holidays from the Mally Pups.

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