Our Approach

My Approach

I use my experience and knowledge to ask the right questions about your business and then I listen to the answers. I find out what your objectives are and I help you to achieve them if they can be achieved.

Our Story

My Story

I've been involved in startups since I was a teenager. Retail at first. Then a stint in the Royal Navy ( Weapons Engineer Officer ), a couple of corporates
( Ferranti, Memorex Telex ) and then startup Fibernet and my startup Lanswitch which became Voyager Networks and Internet. Started with $10,000 we sold to Estee Lauder's son Ronald for $110 Million. Many other startups have followed since.

Meet the Team

We have brought together an amazing team from around the world.

We aim to give excellent service based on our extensive experience.



Alison Brady


Always listens. Never sells.


George Cram


Whatever the challenge - it will be solved!


Larry Franks


Number Ninja!

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