Hi There!! , let me tell you ( some ) of my story ….
( There’s a lot to it !! )

This is me  !!

I was born in R.A.F. Wattisham, Suffolk, England to a Welsh mother and a Londoner father. When I was about 1 we went to Germany as my Dad was in the Royal Air Force. There I remember 2 things – the outdoor swimming pool and a German Shepherd dog that used to come around from next door and look after me when I was in my pram. When we came back from Germany we moved around a few R.A.F. stations – Hullavington, Colerne and Gaydon. I was told by the school in Gaydon that I would not pass my 11+ ( I was too stupid ?? ). Dad went on an unaccompanied tour to Aden and we moved to R.A.F. Church Lawford ( near Rugby ) so I went to a new school. The teacher at my new school thought something was wrong and she suggested that my Mum take me for an eye test. It turned out that I couldn’t see the board !! Within a few months I had proved that I was not quite so stupid :-) took and passed my 11+ and went to Rugby Grammar School ( my everlasting thanks to that teacher !! ).

I was a star pupil !!!

Then my Mum announced that Dad was not coming back to us. He had met someone else. We went to live with Mum’s Mum in South Wales. After a while Mum could not stand living with Nan so we moved to a caravan ( trailer ) park in Llantwit Major.

I went to Cowbridge Grammar ( another posh school ). Mum worked in the SPAR and the Rugby Club. We did not have much money. I started reading books like they went out of fashion. I also started skipping school – it was boring !! I started working at the SPAR supermarket – packing bags and then became a ” Trainee Manager “.

I left school at 15 and went to work full time at the SPAR. Working around the departments. I learnt a LOT from Philip Jones, the owner of the SPAR chain.

I got bored.

I went to live with Dad and worked in his ” Yacht Chandlers “. I learnt to race sailing dinghies ( boats ). I got VERY good at it ! I went to University ( part time ) to study Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics. I got even better at racing sailing boats because I knew the theory and the practise. Me and my friend Michael Waldron used to go around the Midlands with our Graduate dinghy ” Cream Machine ” whipping everyone’s ass !!

I got bored again.

I joined the Royal Navy as an ordinary sailor ( remember – no school exams passed so that’s all I could be ). In the Navy they said ” You are too clever to be an ordinary sailor ” – so they made me a radar electronics technician. Unfortunately I was in a ” mess ” ( a living space ) with about 70 other sailors on the old aircraft carrier H.M.S. Ark Royal ( the Rod Stewart one ) and I could never get to sleep because of the drinking, smoking and talking. I took to sleeping in the ” 993 Radar Room ” and reading books in the ships library. I spent my time between my workplace, the radar room, the library and the dining hall – oh and the shower and bathroom ( heads ) of course. One day in the library I read the Queens Regulations for the Royal Navy ( Q.R.R.N.’s ) and worked out how to get from being a Radar Tech. to being an Officer. There was a ” Schoolie ” Officer on board Ark Royal so I made friends with him and got eventually got some “O” Levels. My Divisional Officer put me forward for officer ( after I suggested the idea to him ) and I passed all the exams and went to University , where I got a Degree in Naval Engineering
( Electronics and Computer Science ). My old schools would have been a bit surprised at this !!

GB211 MeandPamNavyUniform10270787_10152887401957952_1163083066594384394_n


Before I become an officer in the Navy I sailed for my ships and the Navy.

I sailed around the World in 1975/6 in The F.T. Clipper Race on Great Britain 2.( The yacht – above –  that Chay Blyth made famous ). People wondered how I got picked for that race. It was easy – I asked !! When I got into the trial it was obvious that I knew more about sailing ( well racing ) than most people there. At age 19 I was one of the one of the youngest people in the world to race a yacht around the world.


I now live near the Beautiful Cathedral City of Lichfield in the U. K.


which is famous for it’s ” Three Spires ”

You can find out much more about me in the ” About Me ” section. You already know that I have done quite a lot in my life so far – been a trainee supermarket manager, helped my Dad with his yacht chandlery business in Birmingham, spent 9 years in the Royal Navy going from being an ordinary sailor to a Weapons Electrical Officer, raced yachts around the world.

I then left the Navy ( yeah – I guess I got bored ) , became a sales engineer, sales manager and sales director in various computer and networking companies like Ferranti ( they made most of the computer systems for the Navy ships ), Memorex Telex and Fibernet.

I didn’t so much as leave these companies because I was bored – I left them ( in some cases ) because I thought they were doomed to fail or because I saw a greater opportunity. ( I had started looking for the ” next big thing ” ).

Ferranti and Memorex Telex definately fall into the ” doomed to fail ” category. Both ” once great ” companies they were consigned to the dustbin by the Managements failure to keep up with the rapidly changing computer industry.

Fibernet was a great startup and the only reason I left was because I saw an even greater opportunity.

I started my own companies ( e.g. Voyager and 5i ) , sold them and invested in lots of others. ( Mainly High Tech. ) I have a LOT of the ” T shirts ” !!!!

I have a lot of experience of ” picking the right ” markets and companies. That’s because I have picked the wrong ones as well as picked the right ones. I also know how to sell companies for maximum value. ( I have a system for doing this ).

Some people have kindly said that I can ” see the future ” . To some extent it is true but it is mainly because I keep looking, researching and also I keep trying.

You have to be ” In it, to win it ” .


We are going to talk about an Internet Business Opportunity here:


So, welcome to my Six Figure Mentors website. The Six Figure Mentors are a team of people who work with U.K. based Stuart Ross and U.S. based Jay Kubassek ( two of the most successful Internet Marketers in the world )  to help individuals and businesses understand how to actually get visitors, leads, orders and cash using Internet Marketing.

I became a Six Figure Mentor after researching for many years the most effective way to do business online. I used various Internet Marketing methods, systems and software to help my clients and the businesses that I invested in but it was only when I found the Six Figure Mentors that I really felt that I had the right system for entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses.

What you will learn from the Six Figure Mentors community will change your perspective and your life. Many Six Figure Mentors are experienced Internet Marketers who could not, until they met Stuart or Jay ( you might like to know that Jay started digital marketing in around 2005 and Stuart started using his methods in 2007 ) , put all the pieces of the jigsaw together in a way that consistently produced income for themselves and their clients. They are special people because they were open minded enough to realise that there was a better and more effective way of working.

You might look at some of the information presented here and think that it is just a little bit too slick for you, a bit ” salesy ” or fancy. In my opinion this would miss the point. The most important thing to understand here is that there is a system that works. That system can be applied to many different types of business. It can be customised to suit your particular style.

You might also like to consider that Jay and Stuart have grown their systems, from 2005 to now, through some of the toughest economic times the world has ever seen. Together they have already produced around $40 Million worth of income. ( That’s PROFIT not REVENUE !! )  In 2012/13 alone they will produce around $100 Million - making them one of , if not THE, biggest Digital Marketing income generators in the world. Marketing has also gone through a revolution that has left many experienced marketers wondering what to do. The answers are here.

Read on and start your journey toward achieving a Six Figure Income………..

P.S. If you already KNOW ME, LIKE ME and TRUST ME and you want to get straight on with it go HERE.

P.P.S. This is NOT a ” get rich quick ” scheme. It is however a way of getting an invaluable skill and achieving financial freedom.


You might like to know what some people have said about SFM and me ……..

Virginia, U.S.A. based Business Coach and Author Michael Nelson recently joined the Six Figure Mentors. ( Michael is a former Strategy Coach to the White House !! ). Michael has opened a Six Figure Mentors/ Digital Experts Academy ” franchise ” in Virginia, U.S.A. Here’s what he said:

” I joined SFM to help me with my mission of helping people achieve their dreams through business and in a quicker fashion.  I am a small business coach and my motto is “I make life easier for small business owners.”  Inherent within the motto is the notion that business is difficult when the business isn’t differentiated, doesn’t have an effective business model and markets and sells poorly.  This trio of problems makes it hard to succeed and leads to long working hours and frustrated and desperate owners.  My system to eradicate these scourges flows as such:  Differentiation – Business Model Development – Planning – Marketing / Sales.  I’ve spent six years working on the marketing and sales problem as it relates to the Internet, which is a fabulous medium for most small businesses.  I flow through my system in around 12 weeks, dependent upon the willingness of the client to work.  I still wasn’t satisfied with my marketing / sales component as it wasn’t as easy to comprehend nor execute for my clients and thus, less likely to succeed for them.

I discussed the above with Chris Windley in the context of developing a dashboard tool for small business owners.  He trumped my six years of seeking a solution with his eight year search!  But, he had now found SFM and proceeded to describe it for me.  I had decided to join before the end of the description.

I believe that I’ll now adjust my coaching flow to Differentiate – Business Models – Marketing / Sales (SFM) and introduce all of my clients to SFM during marketing and mentor those that need it through getting their funnels set up for their products / services.  This will let me deliver much more value – lasting value, and I think I’ll be able to reduce my coaching time to eight to ten weeks, providing even more value to my clients.

My passion is helping small business owners succeed and to do so in a sustainable manner with a reduced workload.  Such an outcome makes a huge impact on their lives, their families, and their communities.  SFM is going to help me reach more clients and create more enduring results.”

Michael Nelson

You can find Michael at http://thecogentcoach.com/ .


Gold Coast, Australia, based Callanetics Instructor Sandra Hanna also recently joined and opened a SFM/DEA franchise and she said:


 ” I was attracted to SFM via Chris Windley who I knew to be a person of high integrity and someone who would only affiliate himself with a Company, product or person with the same standards or substance.


I am an exercise instructor teaching a program called Callanetics.  The Callanetics Method  isn’t exclusive to age or fitness level.  The exercises not only tone and sculpt the musculature rapidly, gently and safely but also restores the body to correct alignment and has enormous therapeutic benefits bringing wellness to all who practice regularly.


My mission is to have a platform to be able to market the Callanetics Method not only through DVDs, infomercials, books etc but also to utilise online marketing and deliver the program to those who are not interested in brand names but just want a quality product that delivers the desired results.  I needed to be online for this to happen but had no idea how. This is where SFM comes in. 


Having no previous knowledge in this arena and before the end of the first video in the free Bootcamp series, I was excited and had no doubt that SFM was the missing link to guide and teach me all that I needed to know in the online marketing field bringing my goals to fruition.

One of the main things I love and appreciate about SFM is the support that is so freely and generously offered to enable a novice, like myself, to move forward quickly. “


You can find Sandra at

Gold Coast Callanetics



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